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Basic Price List (pdf format)

How to Request a Quote:

Fill out the Print Request Form (new users see instructions below). Make sure that the Quote Only box is checked at the top of the print request form.

    1. Send completed print request form via email to or by fax to 607-255-4319.


Print Request Form instructions:

    1. Click here to download the print request form
    2. Save it to your desktop or other location on your computer to use for this and future orders.
    3. Open the print request form in Acrobat Pro*
    4. Fill out form and save with a unique name for the print job that you are ordering, then follow the instructions above

* for users that don't have Acrobat Pro, please print your form, fill it in and either scan/email or fax to 607-255-4319

Please see the "Help and FAQs" page for information on file preparation, standard delivery times and other useful information